WoodAirGrille.com is part of the GBS family of Companies.  Gunter Building Solutions, LLC, or GBS, was founded in 2007 by Rod Gunter.  Despite being a second generation specialist in kitchen cabinet manufacturing, Rod was lured into the homebuilding industry in 2001.  

"The only thing I have ever done outside of cabinetry is build houses."

Having been responsible for all labor, material and custom modifications for two of the nation's largest and most respected homebuilders, combined with his extensive experience in the cabinet industry, Rod was in the ideal position to develop WoodAirGrille.com.  

"I was approached by a builder who wanted something better than the cheap metal grates.  So I studied the products that were out there and identified how return air grilles could be better for the homeowner and easier for the builder"

As a result, WoodAirGrille.com offers the finest wood air return grilles available.  Homeowners have the convenience of a simple door to change filters and secure rattle free closure.  Builders enjoy simple installation, a pre-installed filter housing, and completely hidden hinges.

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